The Only Thing Worse Than a Disney Princess is a Disney Prince

But seriously, y’all.

The traditional Disney Prince has about as much sparkle and panache as something completely lacking in sparkle and panache. He has  a creative name like “The Prince” “Prince Charming” “Prince Phillip” “Prince Eric” or “Prince Adam” (that’s the actual name of the Beast, apparently), and no personality. Ok, well, the Beast has a personality, but the only thing anyone else does is be obsessively fixated on some girl he met once in the woods.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe the reason that little boys (generally) don’t like playing princess games is because there’s nothing for them to DO? What prince is actually interesting enough that a little boy would want to dress up like him? What prince actually does anything that a little boy (or anyone for that matter) would want to do? Hey, Mom, today I’m going to roleplay as Prince Charming. I will stand stiffly in a corner and watch my minion put shoes on women. Then I will be Prince Eric and float on some driftwood. Then I will be an abusive alcoholic, sorry, I mean, I will be the Beast.

I mean, yeah, there’s a couple of cool fights, but mostly being a Prince is about being in the right place at the right time with a willing pair of lips. It’s about falling in “love”for no reason. It’s about being a plot point, a blank slate, a projection screen. These men don’t have journeys or emotional arcs (or emotions), they just have thrones, pretty faces, and nothing else to do with their time. Their only reason for existence is to save the girl, so what are they supposed to do when the girl no longer needs saving? Talk to her? (Seriously, does anyone else find it disturbing that when Eric falls in love with Ariel, she is MUTE?)

Stupid message #1: Little girls, these shallow men with no personalities deserve to be loved for no other reason than that they are there.

Stupid message #2: Little boys, the way you get to be loved is to be a shallow man with no personality who does the “right” things. 

Why, hello there, Nice Guy Syndrome!

Stupid message #3: The way for little boys to find meaning in their lives is to save a woman. Woman=answer to your life problems.

Stupid message #4: Men don’t need to be saved. 


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219 responses to “The Only Thing Worse Than a Disney Princess is a Disney Prince

  1. The Big Girl

    Beauty and the Beast …the Disney version on Broadway…has a lot of messages…actually Belle takes her Father’s place in the castle, and learns to love the Beast warts and all – The Beast is there, because he was arrogant, cruel and callas, when he refused to help an Old Witch, who disguised herself – She was really a beautiful sorcerous – so she misrepresented herself too — Anyway, The Prince became a Beast, under the spell…that only true love could break. I hope he learned his lesson…- We will leave the character of Gaston for another day;)

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    If you enjoyed my 100 word story, “Lil’ Red” ( then you will enjoy this blog.
    And they lived happily ever after they worked out the truth…
    Cheers, TLG.

  3. dlwatib

    Unfortunately, Disney princes aren’t that much different from real life princes. Prince Charles is a perfect example. He’s spending his entire life waiting to be in the right place at the right time to inherit the crown when his mother passes. Until then he’s a useless, shallow caricature of a man with no-one to save and nothing to do but whisper lewd nothings in Camilla’s ear. It’s totally in the nature of princes and has nothing to do with Disney.

    • Actually, with all his environmental campaigning and his patronage of several charities, Charles does a lot more than a prince needs to do for himself. Whether his work is of any merit is another debate, of course…

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    Definitely agree with this blog.

  5. Oh wauw! I have never looked at this matter in like this. Very interesting! I actually never thought about their role, the prince was just there. Thanks for your article! 😀 very nice!

  6. They should make a disney film starring a prince – they have never done that! I’m new to blogging so I’m still learning but feel free to check out my blog – I commented on another aspect of Disney in my latest post 🙂

  7. I actually love this blogpost!!!!!

  8. Never lookd @ it that way before. Nice 1.

  9. That is pretty funny. Beast is the best prince though. He actually plays a significant role in the story. But yah. I agree with the whole prince charming bit. Worst of all, in Snow White, Prince Charming can’t sing. (Not that Snow White was exceptional in my opinion either)
    Great post. 🙂

  10. The traditional Disney Prince has about as much sparkle and panache as something completely lacking in sparkle and panache. He has a creative name like “The Prince” “Prince Charming” “Prince Phillip” “Prince…

  11. Funny! And somewhat true. As a recently married woman, i am consciously trying to miseducate myself from the Disney Prince theory. Better late than never.

  12. artbyzowielouan

    Fantastic stuff, love it. Its brilliant watching Disney movies being all grown up because you notice all the little rediculous and hilarious points 😉 x

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  14. Change the point-of-view, and whole new vistas come to light: who does want to be cast as the Indispensable Accessory (every princess needs one)?

  15. Funny Colin Stokes just spoke on Ted Talks regarding movies teaching manhood. A lot of his examples are Disney related… thought of this post right away!

  16. Very clever insights. Maybe they should hire you at Disney to infuse their princes with a bit more panache. As a dating coach in Los Angeles, I spend my days helping people undo the kind of thinking these images created at an early age.

  17. I absolutely love this post. I typically enjoy the Disney Princess movies, but I never looked at it in such a light as you did. I definitely see it in a different way now. Thank you for your perspective!

  18. Fantasy is all about being incapable of doing what men, in literal, can’t do.

    Men (read kids) do lyk such amazing things. Yet, moral is smthng we all sonsofadam don’t take in notice… NYC POST.

  19. Say what you will but Prince Eric is hot and he has a dog, that he actually plays with. Plus, he has that whole sailor thing going for him. I’d say he’s fairly personable.

  20. did you know in the original telling of the little mermaid before disney got a hold of it Ariel gets turned into sea foam because she basically sat around and waited for someone to solve her problems… but yeah totally get what you’re saying there… it always kind of weirded me out too… that like one look and they’re married… what about the next day when they actually have to talk… also the original sleeping beauty didn’t get awakened by a kiss but the prince came along banged her and her giving birth is what woke her up… so yeah nothing really there to go on with what are good princes… actually the only guy i like in any of the disney movie is the man from Tangled and he’s actually a thief…

  21. haha oh my, so true. Good observation skills!

  22. Awesome article!!

    Disney did a great job making fun of themselves on this subject in “Enchanted”.

  23. So true and so funny! My 4,5 year old is all in to this Prince Charming thing. All she wants is for us to play prince and princess, the play always contains a lot of kissing and getting married. I am happy as long as she thinks this is the way love looks like. Sooner rather than later she will find out that this is not what life looks like. And it is up to me to guide her so that she will become a strong independent woman that can manage a life without going around waiting for prince charming

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  25. I never thought of a the role of a Disney prince but I don’t believe it is a princes job to do nothing. Everyone has a problems in life whether it be after or before the point of recognization…..I really like this.

  26. That must be why Mulan has always been my favorite Disney movie…


  27. I’ve always liked Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty. His battle is good against evil, not necessarily just to save a girl. Give him a try. Ha ha! I do understand your point, though!

  28. Rt@bytheseaside7 I like prince Philip. But yeah I see your point, all isms. Thnx for the laugh(the “oh it’s sad but true laugh”)

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